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Regional Development Australia (RDA) is a partnership between the Australian, state, territory and local governments to develop and strengthen the regional communities of Australia.

It has a pivotal role in ensuring the long-term sustainability of Australia’s regions, with a key focus on the economic, social and environmental issues affecting communities.

To find out more, visit www.rda.gov.au or www.regional.gov.au

For more information on the role of RDA Riverina please refer to our RDA Riverina Annual Report 2016/17, Our Riverina Regional Profile 2018RDA Riverina Investment Profile and the RDA Charter from the Australian Government

Historical RDA Riverina Documents

What do we do?

Image Credit: Samantha Blackett

Image Credit: Samantha Blackett

Regional Development Australia-Riverina (RDA-Riverina) is a national network of committees fostering regional economic development. RDA Riverina works with three tiers of government, regional business and the wider community to boost the economic capability and performance of their region.

RDA-Riverina is a non-profit, community-based organisation, with a committee comprised of 12 members from across the region who represent local communities, businesses and local government. The Committee has a broad and diverse skills base and demonstrated networks and alliances. It is these qualities which assist in developing local solutions to local problems and ensure the prosperity of the Riverina. 

Roles and responsibilities

RDA Committees will facilitate policies, programmes and projects designed to strengthen human capital, productivity, infrastructure, access to markets, regional comparative advantage, and business competitiveness, leading to increased economic activity and the creation of new jobs, along with improved standards of living and working conditions.

Outcome areas for RDA-Riverina:

  • Regional Plan: RDA Riverina maintains a current three to five year plan that focuses on economic development of the Riverina region. The plan must take into account any relevant Commonwealth, State, Territory and Local Government plans.

  • Critical Issues: RDA Riverina is to provide advice to the Government on critical issues affecting the Riverina region.

  • Priority Activities: RDA Riverina is to provide advice to the Government on priority activities that will drive regional economic development, on future economic opportunities and on the Riverina region's comparative advantage, based on consultation and engagement with community leaders.

  • Project Proposals: Assistance to local community stakeholders in order for them to develop project proposals; and referral of stakeholders to appropriate public and/or private funding sources-including the $1 billion National Stronger Regions Fund.

  • Promote Australian Government Programmes: increased awareness of Australian Government programmes in the Riverina region.

Projects and initiatives

Image Credit: The Rock - Leanne Thomas

Image Credit: The Rock - Leanne Thomas

RDA-Riverina takes leadership in bringing together Riverina organisations and delivering learning opportunities for individuals and groups across the region, such as:

  • Interest group meetings, such as the Riverina Development Officers Network

  • Facilitating workshops and seminars focusing on skills development and capacity building

  • Sponsorship opportunities for regional events of relevance to RDA

  • Gathering economic, sustainability and social inclusion information regarding the Riverina region

  • Providing information on government grant programs, services and other initiatives


RDA-Riverina will be a region renowned for its excellence in all dimensions – economic, social and environmental with emphasis on innovation, lifelong learning, healthy living and an optimistic outward looking culture based on confidence, resilience and social inclusion.


RDA-Riverina will build partnerships that facilitate the development of a sustainable region.