Regional Development Australia Riverina offer a wide range of professional services to assist you or your organisation in growth and development.   

RDA Riverina does have the capacity to take on pro-bono work, any organisations can enquire to see if RDA Riverina can offer their project at this community rate.

Grant Writing/Proofing

Assistance with grant applications. RDA Riverina can provide data and statistics to support your application. RDA Riverina can provide proofing, editing and provision of letters of support where appropriate. $150 + GST per hour.


Provision of regional statistics at a variety of levels. Demographic data is available as well as a range of economic statistics. These statistics are available for specific localities, as well as capacity to compare with broader contexts (Riverina, NSW). $150+ GST per hour

Economic Impact Analysis

RDA Riverina has the capacity to create input-output analysis for projects. This can include investment into infrastructure or specific industry investment. Job growth and economic multipliers can be calculated. $150 + GST per hour

Report Writing

Creation of reports for economic impacts of projects. This is supported by RDA Riverina’s Economic Impact Analysis service. $150 + GST per hour

Business Award Writing Assistance/Mentoring

RDA Riverina is able to assist with applications for business awards. RDA Riverina can assist with writing, proofing, editing and provision of letters of support.  $150 + GST per hour

Investment Impact Analysis for Business Case

RDA Riverina has the capacity to create input-output analysis for projects to support business cases. $150 + GST per hour

Data Subscription

RDA Riverina has a subscription service to provide data to local councils and organisations in an ongoing fashion. $5,000 + GST per annum.  Additional work not included in the subscription is offered at the reduced rate of $50 + GST per hour.

Tourism Impact Analysis

RDA Riverina has the capacity to do an input-output impact analysis of tourism events, taking into account the most up to date TRA data for a region. $150 + GST per hour

Regional/Local Economic Profile

RDA Riverina has the capacity to create economic profiles giving an overview of a specific region. $150 + GST per hour.

Secretariat Services

RDA Riverina can take on the secretariat services for your organisation at the rate of $150 + GST per hour or as negotiated.  Contact us for a discussion and quote.


RDA Riverina provided us with assistance, advice and employment data that helped secure funding for our community-based project in the Riverina. The employment data they provided helped us build our case for funding and was critical to our success. Thanks to RDA Riverina we were able to pull together a competitive application and are now in a fantastic place moving forward with our project!” - Scott Parker, Creative Director at Matriark Theatre Inc.