How RDA-Riverina supports regional businesses

RDA-Riverina supports business development and growth across the Riverina region and is committed to providing business operations with helpful resources, advice and expertise. RDA-Riverina supports start-up businesses, provides regional networking opportunities and assists established businesses looking to expand.

RDA Riverina Regional Profile

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With a focus on facilitating the growth and prosperity of the region, RDA Riverina has produced a Regional Profile to help local government, industry, small business and community groups better understand the region in which they operate.

The Regional Profile includes population, demographic, employment, industry, tourism and housing information presented in an easy-to-read format.

As RDA Riverina Director of Regional Development and CEO Rachel Whiting explains, the Regional Profile was compiled from a range of sources including REMPLAN, ABS Census data, .id Forecast and Destination NSW.

“RDA Riverina sees enormous value in supplying up-to-date information for local government, industry, business and community groups to enable them to better understand the region they work in and for use in business planning, tenders, grant applications, proposals and capability statements.  

“This information will also assist regional entrepreneurs and emerging business leaders to explore new opportunities to grow local jobs in the region by focusing on their competitive advantage. We also have created a RDA Riverina Investment Profile in which we hope to list existing and potential projects across the Riverina.  Check out the link to see what we have already on the site and please send us your projects for listing." Rachel Whiting – Director of Regional Development and CEO – RDA Riverina.


Riverina Investment Impact Analysis

RDA Riverina can provide your business, industry, community group, project, council or sporting group with information that indicates the direct impact your project or investment can have on your town, shire or region.  RDA Riverina can provide value added information and short reports at an economical hourly rate of $150/hr + GST.  We can also assist in writing grant applications and other documents that support your project.   Yearly subscriptions of data provision and analysis is available to Local Government Organisations at $5,500 per annum.  RDA Riverina have some provision to complete Pro-Bono work for community organisations.  Please contact us for further information.

“The assistance and information provided by the RDA Riverina has been invaluable in our assessment of our funding applications before submission. The letter of support and projected jobs growth figures as well as the possible benefits to our region from our development, allowed us to confidently apply for the funding. The RDA Riverina are committed to providing quality information that  is useful and easy to incorporate in feasibility and budgeting project costs”

Debbie Blanchard (Executive, L.P.C Trading)

‘The report provided by RDA Riverina for the infrastructure project I was working on was invaluable. Information in the report demonstrated the potential economic impact of the project and its multiplier effects. The estimated construction cost of the project was used to determine the increase in direct value added activity, subsequent flow-on effects to local purchases of good & services and how the project would impact employment or jobs created (direct & indirect jobs). This data is also critical for developing a cost benefit analysis. This is an excellent resource for those conducting infrastructure feasibility studies, analysing the potential benefit of projects or developing applications for government funding. Having access to this type of data in a quick timeframe is fantastic!’ Thank you RDA Riverina.’ 

Lani Houston (Consultant)

hay sheep show.jpg

RDA Riverina offered assistance, advise and community insight that helped make the process of applying for government funding clear and manageable. Thanks to RDA Riverina, we were able to pull together a competitive application and envision a wider scope for our project in the Riverina.

Scott Parker (Creative Director - Matriark Theatre Inc.)

Workforce Development Plan

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RDA Riverina’s workforce development plan consists of:

  1. Economic Development and Business Growth: working with business where we can to make a difference. RDA Riverina’s accelerator program is a prime example of how we can do this. Likewise our service offering through our Riverina Regional Profile, Economic Impact Analysis, Investment Profile and grants assistance.

  2. Skilled Migration: RDA Riverina is a Regional Certifying Body for Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 489) or the Employer Nominated Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 187) visa (RSMS).

  3. Country Change: Encouraging people to move to the Riverina for work, education and recreation.

  4. Grow Our Own: Encouraging young people to find career pathways and education whilst staying in the Riverina.



The workforce development plan is now supported by the new Riverina Jobs page. Jobs Riverina is a free resource for employers and job seekers in the Riverina Region.

Visit the Jobs Riverina page at or click the button below to read the relevant media release.






For Simple access to information and services for business go to

Small Business Rebate - WorkCover

Image Credit: Blowering Dam - Max Hatty

Image Credit: Blowering Dam - Max Hatty

The small business rebate gives up to $500 back to small business owners who buy and install eligible safety equipment to address a safety problem in their workplace. It is open to sole traders or small businesses with up to 50 full time employees or equivalent.

For more information about eligible equipment and to find out how to apply please please click here

ACCC offers on line programs

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has some wonderful on-line resources for small business. The ACCC offer three free on line programs, including the small business education program which is aimed at helping small businesses understand their rights and obligations under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 or you may be interested in the pre-entry franchise education program. To find out more information please visit

Regional Industry and Economic Overview

On Thursday, January 29, 2015 RDA Riverina Project Officer, Marg Couch presented an update on regional industry overview from both a national and regional perspective to the TAFE Riverina Institute.

The focus was directed to the business lines of: 

  • Environment; Forestry; Wine & Food; transport & logistics; Primary Industries

  • Automotive & Engineering

  • Mining, Building & Construction, Civil Construction/Engineering

To view the presentation made by Marg Couch please click here

For information on upcoming forums facilitated by RDA Riverina please visit the Upcoming Events page on the website.


Riverina Business Enterprise Centre

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Industry Capability Network

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Department of Industry

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Department of Premier Cabinet

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ID Forecasting

ID forecasting provides in depth demographic information for places across Australia to help understand how cities, towns and regions are growing and changing. Sharing this knowledge can help with decision making about when and where to provide services and invest in infrastructure.

Take a look at the information provided by James Davis in his presentation on ID Forecasting for the Riverina.

There are also individual sites for the following Shires:

Useful Websites for small business