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The 'Thankyou' Idea


Charles Sturt University’s AgriTech Incubator is sponsoring a visit by Thankyou’s Community Builder Kalvin Hart.

Thankyou is a social enterprise. It exists to help end global poverty in this lifetime by committing 100% of the profit from consumer products to fund sustainable development work around the world.

Join the AgriTechIncubator for the 'Thankyou’ Idea session!

Thankyou co-founders have come a long way since googling ‘How to start a bottled water company’ while at uni. Now ten years in, Thankyou has 50 products, all in major supermarkets and retailers. Thankyou has launched in New Zealand now too! Thankyou loves getting alongside dreamers at universities, in the community and not for-profits. Thankyou had a whole lot of great people mentoring them along the way, and they want to do the same for tomorrow’s change-makers.

This session shares the journey at Thankyou – the challenges faced and the status-quo breaking approach used to overcome. Along the way, they have learned lessons around perseverance, thinking big and getting outside of their comfort zone. This session is about inspiring you that changing the world is totally possible.


- Gain a greater awareness of global issues

- Learn about social enterprise in an Australian context

- Understand the relationship between business and impact and how you can create a company that brings impact


Social Impact | Perseverance | Overcoming Challenges | Business Dreams And Ideas


Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga

Boorooma Street, AgriTech Incubator, building 6, North Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650


Monday May 6th, 4.30pm