Destination Riverina Murray launches Riverina Destination Management Plan

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The Riverina Murray Destination Management Plan (DMP) is a new document, released by Destination Riverina Murray (DRM). The DMP is designed to guide and assist DRM in their ongoing efforts to stimulate growth in the regions visitor economic sector.

Destination Riverina Murray was established by the NSW Government in 2017. Their key objective is to drive the growth of the region’s visitor economy. The region Covered by Destination Riverina Murray includes; Outback Riverina, Central Murray, Albury-Hume, Snowy Valleys, Eastern Riverina, and Western Riverina.

The DMP has five key outcomes which are all built around DRM’s core objective of boosting the regions visitor economy. These five outcomes include:

Strategic Development Themes which provide a framework for the identification of development opportunities across the region.


Priority Projects that will be a catalyst for driving increased visitation to the region.

A suite of Destination Development Opportunities.

Consideration of Strategic Cross-Border Projects which will have an impact on both sides of the river.

A number of Regional Positioning Projects which aim to strengthen the Riverina Murray region.


The full report is available for download here.


For further details about Destination Riverina Murray, visit the Destination NSW website.

Research Officer