TASTE Riverina goes to Canberra

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The new Taste Riverina

The award-winning Taste Riverina Festival has grown in to something new. We hope you agree it’s now

bigger and better. It’s time for Riverina growers, producers and operators to be front and centre all-yearround.

In-region events

The new format Taste Riverina means operators can hold seasonal events and experiences at any time of

the year. We encourage you to create events that focus on the Taste Riverina values of supporting local,

educating, innovating and collaborating.

Out-of-region expansion

We are bringing Taste Riverina to key metro areas. Taste Riverina has a significant following from ACT, VIC

and NSW residents who are hungry for more food, drinks and experiences straight from the Riverina.

Taste Riverina goes to Canberra

First up on the list for promotion in metro areas is Canberra and we have chosen Handmade Canberra.

Handmade Canberra is Canberra’s largest indoor market and in 2018 celebrated 10 years of successful

events. Handmade Canberra attracts over 130,000 visitors each year, with the March event regularly

bringing in over 20,000 people.

When and where is the Handmade market?

The first Handmade market of 2019 will be held between 23 – 24 March at Exhibition Park in Canberra

(EPIC), Flemington Rd, Lyneham ACT 2602

What is so great about Handmade?

Handmade is a carefully curated market featuring quality Australian and handmade products and produce.

Digital channels have amassed a loyal following of over 55,000 people, with a monthly website audience of

just under 13,000.

In addition to promising promotional channels, Handmade is a great choice for operators looking to sell

products, as total turnover for each market is around $5 million.

Who goes to Handmade?

Market demographics are closely aligned to Taste Riverina audiences with 59% aged between 25 - 44 years

old. The majority of the Handmade audience is based in Canberra, followed by Sydney and Melbourne.


How it will work?

We have space for 20 Riverina operators to join the 2019 Taste Riverina Alley at Handmade Canberra.

Operators will promote and sell their products/services over 2 days within a dedicated Taste Riverina area.

Our team will coordinate everything related to your participation in the markets with the Handmade

organisers. As spaces are limited, not all applicants may be selected.

To obtain your Expression of Interest Form

Please email Oumi at marketingsupport@tasteriverina.com.au

Rachel Whiting