2019 Regional Innovation Awards


Do you have a project that is innovative and makes a difference to regional Australia?
Entries are open for the 2019 Regional Innovation Awards!

The 2019 Australian Regional Development Conference hosts the Innovation Awards in September to showcase and celebrate the dedication and skill of those involved in making a difference to regional Australia.

Award Categories
There are five award categories, each of which highlights a specific aspect of regional development. This gives all organisations and individuals a chance to be recognised for their work.

Who can apply?
Organisations active in regional development across Australia, including councils, shires, rural and regional organisations, NGOs and government agency branches.

Selection Criteria

The online entry requires a 300-word brief overall description of your project as well as a short response to the following questions:

  • Innovation and/or best practice: How does your project demonstrate innovation and/or best practice in the way your organisation does business or delivers services to your community?

  • Process and planning: How did you determine what changes were required to improve your business practices and/or better meet your community’s needs (for example, consultation processes, needs analysis, etcetera)?

  • Community needs: How are the needs of the community met by this project?


Click here.

Submissions close on the 26 July.

Sara Johnston